10 Best Nike Dunks: Top Nike Dunk Low Colorways

The Nike Dunk Low currently holds a prominent position as one of the most favored models in the sneaker community. Undoubtedly, the black and white Panda colorway has emerged as the most widely recognized and sought-after option in recent years. However, several other color variations also warrant consideration for inclusion in your collection of trainers.

Nike Dunk Low: Short Look into the History 

The Dunk’s story traces back to 1985, nearly 38 years ago, when Nike designer Peter Moore crafted the Dunk High as a basketball shoe. Drawing inspiration from previous Nike successes such as the Air Force 1, the Terminator, and the Air Jordan 1, Moore seamlessly integrated elements into his basketball design.

While the Dunk silhouette initially took a back seat to the soaring popularity of the Air Jordan 1, it found an unexpected resurgence in the skate community. It wasn’t until the early 2000s, under the leadership of the legendary Sandy Bodecker as the head of Nike Skateboarding, that the Nike Dunk SB series achieved remarkable success.

In the latter part of the 2010s, particularly in the 2010-2019 decade, the Dunk, particularly in its Low iteration, began to capture the attention of the general public. This period also witnessed noteworthy collaborations with renowned figures like Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh.

Nike Dunk Low ‘Chicago Split’

Nike Dunk Low Chicago Split

The Chicago colorway is most famously associated with the Air Jordan 1 model, but it has also made its mark on other shoe designs, including the Dunk Low. The Nike Dunk Low ‘Chicago Split’ adds a unique twist to the classic color scheme, as implied by its name, incorporating distinctive split details.

This split design is evident in elements like the black and white swoosh and outsole. Additionally, various forms of Nike branding contribute to the overall distinctive aesthetic of this particular trainer.

Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Photon Dust’

Nike Dunk Low WMNS Photon Dust

The Dunk Low has solidified its place as a beloved icon in contemporary pop culture. Nike capitalizes on this trend by introducing versatile, neutral colorways suitable for everyday wear, exemplified by the WMNS ‘Photon Dust’ edition. Originally released in the summer of 2021, this silhouette continues to stand out as a stylish and viable choice for summer fashion even two years later.

Nike Dunk Low Premium ‘Sesame’ (2022)

Dunk Low Premium Sesame

In 2022, Nike unveiled the Dunk Low Premium ‘Sesame,’ a tastefully crafted sneaker inspired by the classic bagel sandwich. This elegant shoe features a rich, bread-like shade of beige, accented with blue branding. Upon closer examination, the overlays reveal intricately detailed tiny sesame seeds, subtly paying homage to the culinary inspiration behind this unique design.

Nike Air Dunk Jumbo ‘White Gum’

Air Dunk Jumbo White Gum

Embracing the prevailing trend for chunky trainers, the Nike Air Dunk Jumbo ‘White Gum’ stands out with its mesh base and padded tongue, offering both comfort and breathability. Explore the button below to discover the select retailers offering the Jumbo ‘White Gum,’ a stylish and comfortable addition to the chunky sneaker scene.

Nike Dunk Low ‘White’ – Plaid Pack

Nike Plaid Pack

For those seeking a distinctive style, the Nike Dunk Low ‘White’ from the Plaid Pack is an excellent choice. The inclusion of a plaid pattern adds a unique and attention-grabbing element to this classic trainer, making it a standout in any collection.

Nike Dunk Low Retro ‘Red Swoosh’

Dunk Low Retro Red Swoosh

For enthusiasts of the ‘Panda’ colorway who crave an extra touch of flair, the ‘Red Swoosh’ is the perfect choice. The introduction of red Nike branding imparts a signature edge to the model, elevating its aesthetic appeal while maintaining the classic Dunk Low silhouette.

Nike Dunk Low SE WMNS ‘Just Do It’

SE WMNS Just Do It

The WMNS exclusive ‘Just Do It’ Dunk Low boasts a premium appearance, thanks to intricate detailing on the leather. Adorned with various gold accents, the crowning touch is the gold-colored medal dubrae, adding a touch of luxury to this stylish and empowering sneaker.

Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Hemp’ – Next Nature

WMNS Hemp Next Nature

The Nike Dunk Low ‘Hemp’ – Next Nature takes a sustainable approach by incorporating recycled materials, making it a stylish and eco-friendly choice. Beyond its fashionable appeal, this sneaker represents a commitment to environmentally conscious design, contributing to the next nature of sustainable footwear.

Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Indigo Haze’

WMNS indigo Haze

The Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Indigo Haze’ is a women’s sneaker that belongs to Nike’s Dunk Low lineup. The ‘Indigo Haze’ colorway features a blend of indigo blue and other complementary hues, giving the shoe a unique and stylish appearance. The Dunk Low silhouette is known for its classic and versatile design, making it a popular choice among sneaker enthusiasts.

Nike Dunk Low ‘Mini Swoosh’

Dunk Mini Swoosh

The Nike Dunk Low ‘Mini Swoosh’ is a variation of the classic Dunk Low silhouette that features a smaller-than-usual Swoosh logo on the sides of the shoe. The Dunk Low is known for its clean and timeless design, and the addition of the mini Swoosh provides a subtle yet distinctive detail.

Nike has released various colorways of the Dunk Low with the ‘Mini Swoosh’ design, offering sneaker enthusiasts a range of options to choose from. The mini Swoosh is typically positioned near the toe box or on the mid-panel of the shoe, contributing to the overall aesthetic.

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