Adidas is Reintroducing the Falcon Dorf Under its Original Name

In early 2018, Adidas reintroduced one of its cherished running shoes from the 1990s with notable modifications. The removal of the Adidas Performance logos on the forefoot and tongue marked the initial change, but Adidas went further by entirely discarding the original Falcon Dorf name and rebranding it as the “Yung 1”. This retro sneaker made a strong comeback as part of the renowned Dragon Ball Z collection, leading to a series of regular releases alongside occasional collaborations before being discontinued in 2020.

Now, Adidas has decided to revive this model, retaining the Falcon Dorf name from 1997 while omitting logos. It’s currently available in Europe in a sleek color scheme of Cloud White, Collegiate Green, and Night Indigo, reminiscent of the numerous general releases during its brief two-year stint in the market.

While we appreciate the return to the Falcon Dorf title, there’s a desire for a further step—bringing back the original logos as well, as they complement the retro-tech aesthetic of today. Nevertheless, we’re pleased to see these sneakers back, and we await updates on a U.S. release date.

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