Air Jordan 17 Low Lightning Won’t Be Available On SNKRS

One of the most unexpected drops in the Jordan Retro lineup for 2024 has got to be the comeback of the Air Jordan 17 Low Lightning. This iconic sneaker, famously sported by Michael Jordan at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game, is making a surprise return. Typically, Jordan tends to release new models in batches for cost purposes, so this solo drop is quite the twist. And to add to the intrigue, they’ll be pretty hard to come by, being exclusively released at Jordan NBHD stores. So, if you were hoping to snag a pair on SNKRS, you’re out of luck this time.

The Air Jordan 17 Low is already turning heads among sneaker enthusiasts, not just for its eye-catching design and rich history, but also for its hefty price tag of $300. This highlights how Jordan Brand juggles between cost and exclusivity. And to sweeten the deal, or maybe to justify the price, each pair comes with a hardshell briefcase, a throwback to the original 2002 release of the Air Jordan 17 (fun fact: it wasn’t included with the Lightning edition in 2003).

Remember, these kicks won’t be available on SNKRS. Given their likely limited availability, it’s safe to assume that getting your hands on a pair won’t be a walk in the park. But hey, take a look at the official images below and decide if they’re worth the hustle.

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