Do Jordan 11 Crease? A Guide to Preventing Creasing

If you’re in the sneaker community and love Jordan Brand, then odds are you have a solid understanding of the infamous Nike Air Jordan 11. From 1996 to 2019, these sneakers have been beloved for their silhouette and design – and that’s why it seems like every month, another hype colorway or collaboration is being released. But one of the most classic conversations regarding these iconic shoes is: do they crease? Over time many people have cared deeply about this because it impacts both style and resale value. For those confused about what goes into answering this question, we’ve got your answers here!

Do Jordan 11 Crease

Do Jordan 11 Crease?

Unfortunately, yes, Jordan 11’s will crease. Unfortunately, not even the highest quality leather can prevent it from happening over time -especially with wear and tear. However, you don’t have to worry about ugly wrinkling with Jordan 11s on your feet! To minimize creasing, try using a damp towel and lightly press it onto the toe of the shoe, which helps smooth out the leather and improves its flexibility – this should reduce future wrinkles. All you need to do is practice good foot hygiene and maintain your shoes properly if you want to keep them looking fresh.

Do Jordan 11 Crease

How Do You Keep Jordan 11 from Creasing?

Jordan 11 shoes are a famous and iconic design known for their sleek style and comfortable fit. However, like any sneakers, they can become prone to creasing over time. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your Jordan 11 shoes looking like new for longer.

  1. Store Them Properly: One of the easiest ways to prevent creasing is to store your Jordan 11 shoes properly. Avoid storing them in a pile, where they can rub against each other and cause creases to form. Instead, store them in their original box or a shoebox, away from direct sunlight and heat.
  2. Rotate Your Shoes: Rotating your shoes regularly can help distribute the wear and prevent creasing from becoming too noticeable in one specific area. Try to wear a different pair of shoes each day and give your Jordan 11s a break between wears.
  3. Use Shoe Trees: Shoe trees are a simple yet effective tool for preventing creasing in sneakers. They help to maintain the shape of the shoes, preventing them from collapsing and becoming misshapen. Look for shoe trees that are designed explicitly for Jordan 11 shoes.
  4. Be Mindful of How You Put Them On: When putting on your Jordan 11 shoes, be mindful of how you place your feet inside. Avoid pushing your toes directly into the front of the shoes, which can cause creasing in that area. Instead, insert your feet gently and make sure that the shoe fits snugly around your foot.
  5. Apply a Protective Spray: A protective spray can help to prevent creasing in your Jordan 11 shoes by adding a barrier against moisture and friction. Look for sprays that are designed explicitly for sneakers, and be sure to follow the instructions carefully.
Do Jordan 11 Crease

Following these tips can help keep your Jordan 11 shoes looking like new for longer. Remember, proper care and maintenance are crucial to preventing creasing and keeping your shoes in pristine condition. Happy sneaker-ing!

How to Remove Creases from The ‘patented Leather’ Upper?

Keeping leather uppers wrinkle-free isn’t always easy, especially if we have no idea how to tackle wrinkled leather. Fortunately, patented leather uppers are relatively easy to work with. One way to eliminate any annoying creases that have formed is to use a damp cloth. After you’ve wiped the leather with a damp cloth, this will help rehydrate the wrinkled parts of the upper and make them look less wrinkly. Another tip to keep in mind is investing in a crease protector. A good quality crease protector should help your shoes look new for longer and reduce the amount of wear and tear on their surface. With these two tips, you should be able to keep those patent leather uppers looking fresh for weeks on end.

Do Jordan 11 Crease

How to Remove Creases from The Jordan 11’s Midsole?

For anyone who owns a pair of Jordan 11s, you know how difficult it can be to keep them crease-free. Over time, wearing them usually results in a visible crease in the midsole which can take away from the overall look of your shoes. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get rid of that midsole crease. All you need is plastic inserts and paper balls! Traditionally plastic inserts are used when people wear their shoes around at home to break in their sneakers, but they also work great for countering the force of a bent and dented midsole. In addition to plastic inserts, stuffing small paper balls into the toe area also helps replace airbags inside the sneaker heel and holds the shape of its material. With these simple tactics, you won’t have to worry about your favorite pair of Jordan 11s ever displaying a pesky crease again!

Do Jordan 11 Crease

How to Remove Creases from The Ankle Region of Jordan 11?

If you own a pair of coveted Jordan 11s, you know how hard it can be to eliminate those annoying creases from the ankle region. To have fresh-looking kicks every time, try this simple trick – grab an old newspaper and stuff it into the shoes until the papers reach up to about the ankle area. Allow your shoes to sit for at least 12 hours – some people find that stuffing them with a wooden one block instead works better, so experiment with different items and see what’s best! When you take out the papers or block, your Jordan 11s will look brand-spankin’ new, despite how many times you may have worn them. Now that’s an actual sneakerhead hack!

Do Jordan 11 Crease

Is It Normal for Jordans to Crease?

Wearing a pair of Air Jordans is a dream come true for a sneaker enthusiast, but a crease on top of them can turn this dream into a nightmare. A crease on any shoe is perfectly normal if you wear your Nike sneakers enough. So don’t panic if your Jordans become a bit creased over time; it’s a testament to the fact that you’ve been wearing them a bunch, and that’s something to be proud of! Remarkably, some owners consider their creases part of the sneaker’s character and a sign of experience, like a badge proving their shoes have been loved. Ultimately, Jordan wearers can rest assured that it’s completely normal to experience some creasing due to excessive use — the outstanding quality and design will remain intact!

Do Jordan 11 Crease

How Do I Not Crease My Jordans?

Many sneakerheads have the same concern: how do I keep my Jordans from creasing? If you buy a pair of new Jordan sneakers, the papers inside them usually cause the material to move and shift, resulting in creases. To avoid this problem, you should replace the papers with one made out of wood. It must fit snugly in the Jordan so your shoes don’t lose shape. Another tip for avoiding creases is to store your Jordans in boxes or bags specifically designed for them. This will also help protect them from dirt and damage. Taking these simple steps can ensure that your new sneakers stay looking fresh for years to come!

Do Jordan 11 Crease

Are Jordan 11 Good for Basketball?

When it comes to basketball, there’s no name more synonymous than Jordan 11’s. Historians have proven again and again that if you are going to play on well-maintained courts, few other shoe models can match the performance and value of this iconic piece of footwear from Michael Jordan himself. A combination of innovative technologies and a unique outsole herringbone pattern allow for superior traction and control when quick cuts on hardcourt surfaces. Furthermore, their renowned durability ensures that your Jordan 11s won’t be easily worn out during extended playing sessions if you take proper care of them. In conclusion, if you are in the market for a great basketball shoe that will last multiple court seasons, the Jordan 11 could be the perfect pair!

Do Jordan 11 Crease

How to Prevent Creases on Jordan 11?

There are a couple of methods used to prevent creases on Jordan 11.

Use Shoe Trees

If you want to keep your Jordan 11s crease-free, shoe trees are a must. Shoe trees are wooden shoe forms that absorb moisture and fit snugly into the shoe to retain its shape. This helps prevent wrinkles and creases from forming over time. It’s best to find shoe trees that match the shoe’s unique shape and size so it fits perfectly. To ensure maximum effectiveness, shoe trees should be used daily when you’re not wearing your shoe.

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Use Crease Protectors

Another way to keep Jordan 11 from creasing is with crease protectors. These adhesive sheets fit over the shoe’s toe box and help reduce the appearance of shoe wrinkles and prevent them from forming. Crease protectors not only keep shoes looking newer for longer, but they’re also much easier to remove than shoe trees. However, it’s important to remember that crease protectors aren’t a cure-all. They only work if you take the proper steps to protect your shoe from dirt and debris that can cause creases in the first place.

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In conclusion, creasing on your Jordan 11s is a normal sign of wear. However, following the tips outlined in this article, such as using shoe trees and crease protectors, and storing them in specific boxes or bags, will help prevent any creasing and ensure your shoes maintain their shape for years to come. You can enjoy wearing your beloved Jordan 11s for a long time with the proper care!


Are Jordan 11 meant for basketball?

The Jordan 11 shoe has become synonymous with modern style and an iconic look for Air Jordan shoes. The original model released in the mid-90s was designed for athletic use, but it didn’t seem to lend itself to basketball due to its lack of hard edges and bulkiness. The shoe did not seem like it would have the support needed to be a successful on-court shoe, leading to some questioning if it was meant for basketball. Despite initial doubts, Michael Jordan proved everyone wrong by rocking the 11s while winning his fourth championship. The performance of these shoes on the court put any doubts to rest and showed what they were truly capable of – this success on the court catapulted them into becoming one of the most popular streetwear shoes ever made. The original Jordan 11 is still considered by many today as one of the most excellent sneakers of all time – no matter whether you wear them on or off the court!

Are Jordan 11s comfortable to play in?

For many athletes, comfort is a huge factor in picking the right shoes for playing. The Jordan 11s are reasonably comfortable for what they are — a basketball shoe designed for quickness and agility. A key feature that makes these shoes comfortable is the wooden sole under your feet for cushioning against shocks and hard landings. To get the most out of their comfort levels, we recommend playing in them with a pair of supportive socks, as this provides extra cushioning that’s essential for any player. Jordan 11s have proven to be a great, reasonably comfortable shoe option, whether on the court or just going out and about.

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