New Balance 9060 “Silver Metallic”

It seems like everyone knows the New Balance formula: vintage aesthetics combined with suede, leather, and mesh. While this mix consistently delivers (just look at the Aime Leon Dore New Balance 1000 or Action Bronson New Balance 1906R), staying ahead of the curve means adding a twist before things get stale. Enter the New Balance 9060 Silver Metallic, which spices things up with reflective patent leather on its familiar design.

Sure, metallic accents aren’t groundbreaking for tech runners, but the material switch is noteworthy on its own. Pairing this change with an eclectic mix of lavender and “Taro Green” creates a space-age vibe, reminiscent of 1960s Jetsons-style retro-futurism. The finer details add intrigue too, like the orbital New Balance logo on the insole, echoing the patent leather New Balance 550s released earlier this year. The exaggerated features of the New Balance 9060 add extra charm to this unique colorway, and if these special edition touches hint at a larger trend, we’re excited to see where it goes.

For now, you can snag the New Balance 9060 Silver Metallic on for $150.

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