Issey Miyake and New Balance MT10O

Issey Miyake teamed up with New Balance, drawing inspiration from barefoot movement and the natural shape of the foot. Their collaboration includes Vibram soles, a nod to Vibram’s FiveFinger shoes that gained popularity in the mid-2000s for their barefoot approach. But now, we’re curious how they’ll tackle more traditional New Balance styles like the 1000 or the 1906 Loafer.

Starting with New Balance’s MT10, which resembles the FiveFinger, it’s designed to be lightweight and worn without socks, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Satoshi Kondo, the designer behind Issey Miyake’s SS24 line, revamped the MT10 with premium leathers instead of typical mesh materials. They kept it super minimal with Vibram soles, aiming for that natural and honest shape Miyake is known for.

The idea is to let runners feel the ground beneath them, activating muscles that might not engage in regular running shoes. The stacked foam cushioning provides just enough protection from rough terrain while maintaining that barefoot sensation. The MT10O is all about connecting you to the road.

The Issey Miyake x New Balance MT10O will hit selected Japanese stores on May 15, sporting three color options: white, black, and blue-green, in line with Miyake’s SS24 color scheme. Global release follows on June 14th.

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