Reebok Classic Leather 1983 Vintage Makeover For St. Patty’s Day

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to consider adding some green to your wardrobe. If you haven’t thought about it yet, Reebok has you covered with their latest offering. They’ve revamped their iconic Reebok Classic Leather silhouette, dubbing it the “83 Vintage” line, and adorned it with a generous amount of emerald hue.

Let’s talk about the construction of these sneakers. While the Classic Leather silhouette has never really gone out of style, Reebok recently reintroduced the OG design. These shoes feature a combination of full-grain leather and suede, aiming to stay faithful to the original configuration as much as possible.

Now, onto the color scheme. While “Green/White” is often associated with the adidas Stan Smith, Reebok has also made its mark with this timeless combination. In the Reebok Classic Leather 1983 Vintage, green dominates, appearing on the outsole, the split stripe branding, heel cup, and sock liner. The rest of the shoe sticks to a more subdued palette, incorporating shades of grey and white as the primary colors.

The Reebok Classic Leather 1983 Vintage is currently available for purchase on, priced at $100, and offered in extended sizes ranging from M3.5 to M13.

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